Shushica Valley

Grilled lamb or kid on a skewer, “arapash” with bowels of the lamb, “përshesh” with turkey or goose, “urle”, “kukurec”, pie with leafy wild greens, “thërime / rosnica”, “pastico”, “revani”.

Himara: Salad with oranges, olives, dried onions, boiled leafy wild greens, olive oil and lemon,

pie or pita, pie with fish, pie with chicken, “bllacaria”, lamb / kid meat with spices in oven,

marinated sardines, fish cooked in a baking pan, coocked white neens, stew dish, “arapash”.

Himara is known for the traditional produce of bukfiqe and palafi, as well as the wine. Coffee’s

liqueur is a traditional home made speciality in Old Himara

Piluri: Grilled lamb or kid on a skewer, pie with potato, spinach, “gjize” and yogurt

Qeparo: Pancakes, pie with pumkin, pie with spinach, baked meat (chicken, lamb, kid) with

potato. Old Qeparo has the tradition of making biscuits with canella.

Borsh: “Petanik”, grilled lamb or kid on a skewer

Saranda: Fish, cooked mussels, cooked sea food (a mixture of octopods, shrimps squids and

common cuttlefishes). The fish mainly is mullet, cod, sea bass, scald, “sira”, “koce”, etc..

Delvina: Traditional Greek pie (in Finiq, Mesopotam, Mursi, Ciflik), as well as, “musaka”, “sufle”, pie with rice, pie with “cep dore”, trout fish with spices and vegetables

Finiqi area: “pace”, grilled lamb or kid on a skewer, “tas kebap”, “kukurec”, yogurt made from the sheep milk.