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South Coastal Region represents a very rich and attractive region in terms of natural and cultural

heritage attractions with:

  • a diversified array of natural attractions, both in the coastal and hinterland,
  • a high concentration of historic buildings with castles, archaeological sites, religious heritage, settlement ruins and bridges all over the county and old traditional houses in many traditional villages especially alongside the Ionian Coastal area,
  • a rich traditional living culture materialized in expressions of living culture as legends and stories, folklore, music, daces, musical instruments, traditional dresses, handicraft, gastronomy and traditional architecture,
  • a rich and diversified traditional cuisine with similarities but also distinctions between the coastal area and the hinterland as well as among the districts themselves
  • a remarkable traditional agriculture and livestock produce in rural area, as well as fishery in the coastal area.

While the coast is the main natural attraction with potential for sun and sea tourism, special interest tourism (marine activities) and rural tourism, the tourism offer there is limited mainly to summer holidays to the coast and visits to Butrinti archaeological site as individual visits or organised ones as part of larger national sightseeing tours managed by travel organizer companies (tour operators) mainly based in Tirana (the capital of Albania).

There are different service providers (travel organizers as tour-operators, travel agencies, excursion organizers, guide service and adventure sports instructors) present to the area; offering transport facility to Karaburun Peninsula and scuba diving instructors offering service in Vlora bay. In Saranda there are also operators offering tours and excursions to the area by demand.

A  number of Albanian tour operators organize hiking tours and excursions to some of the destinations in Shushica River Valley and coastal areas for hiking and walking around to coastal destinations or passing mountains to link coastal and hinterland destinations.

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