Visiting South Coastal Region of Albania  is an enriching and rewarding experience, and we look forward to introducing you to a new Mediterranean love. That’s why we seek to ensure your stay is as healthy and comfortable as possible. Albanians have a long tradition of hospitality, and you will find the people of our country quick to respond to any request for assistance. Thus, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!Since this region is warm in the summer months, remember to drink plenty of fluids while you are here.  Bottled water is widely available and is offered at a low price.
Driving in Albania presents a unique set of challenges for visitors. Infrastructure development is in full swing since the country’s emergence from communism, but drivers may still find it difficult to navigate our roads. As a result, we recommend taking a taxi or a bus. Local transportation offers a stress-free way for you to enjoy the scenery while listening to our professional drivers regales you with tales of life in Albania. This is if you want to experience the country with calm and mix with locals, because public transport is quite slow. While if you want to see more in a few days hire a local guide and driver from the online travel agencies prior to  your arrival.

As you would with any international vacation, be sure to check with your embassy or consulate for information that may be specific to you on your visit to Albania. Checking to see that you have your visa (if required), health insurance, and other documentation prepared will ensure that your visit to our country is as wonderful as possible. We wish you good health and maximum comfort on your trip to South Coastal Region of Albania!