Entry by air

The only airport in Albania with international service is “Mother Theresa” International Airport, located in Rinas, just 17 km northwest of Tirana. The most convenient way to get from the airport to

Tirana is by taxi. The journey from Tirana to the airport takes twenty to thirty minutes, depending on traffic, and costs about 2,500 lekë (or 20 EURO) each way.

The “Rinas Express” departs every hour between 7am and 7pm, a 24-hour as bus service between the airport and the National Museum in the center of Tirana.

The bus depart hourly and the single fare is 200 Albanian Lekë (mobile phone: 00 355 69 20 98908).

“Mother Teresa” Airport

The airport has a duty free shop.

Customs operates 24 hours a day.

Phone: 00355 4/2381800/1600

Fax: 00355 4/2379065

Lost & Found:

Phone: 00355 4/2381681/82

Mobile phone: 00355 69 20 66626



Entry by sea

Visitors can access South Coastal Region by passenger ferry through Albania larger coastal cities. Ferries from Italy are also a popular way to enter Albania, and there are overnight voyages that depart from Bari and Brindisi several times a week, depending on the time of year. There is also a ferry from Corfu that sails to Saranda in about half an hour and costs about twenty-five dollars each way.

Several foreign companies have regular services to:
Port of Saranda:
Daily trips are made to the Greek island of Corfu.
Phone: 00355/073222734


Customs operate until 22.00 pm.

Port of Vlora:

Connects to Brindisi and Otranto in Italy.

Phone: 00 355/033 235 61

Fax: 00 355/033229417

Customs operate until 22.00pm.

Also from port of Durres that is the largest port of Albania and  is only 100KM from city of Vlora.

Port of Durrës:
Connects to the Italian ports of Bari, Ancona and Trieste in Italy and Koper in Slovenia.
Phone: 00355/052222028


Customs operate 24 hours a day.

Linjat e trageteve Tragetet Agjensia Kontakt
Halkidon Shipping Corporation Filippos Kad +355-52-225154   
Adria Ferries AF Marina Adria Ferries +355-52-220105
Linjat e trageteve Tragetet Agjensia Kontakt
Anek Lines Lato Adriatika + 355-52-220106
Adriatica Traghetti Adriatica I Adriatika + 355-52-220106
Adria Ferries AF Francesca Adria Ferries +355-52-220105
Adria Ferries AF Michela Adria Ferries +355-52-220105
Adria Ferries AF Claudia Prima Adria Ferries +355-52-220105
Wavelord Navigation Co Lt Rigel I Duni +355-52-230200
Wavelord Navigation Co Ltd Bari Duni +355-52-230200
European Seaways Ionis D.I.D Shipping +355-52-236220
Red Star Ferries Red Star I Euro Ferries +355-52-906448
Albanian Ferries Adriatica King Kad +355-52-225154
European Seaways Bridge D.I.D Shipping +355-52-236220
Adria Ferries AF Marina Adria Ferries +355-52-220105
Linjat e trageteve Tragetet Agjensia Kontakt
Adria Ferries AF Francesca Adria Ferries +355-52-220105
Adria Ferries Adriatica I AF Michela +355-52-220105
Adria Ferries AF Claudia Prima Adria Ferries +355-52-220105
Adria Ferries AF Marina Adria Ferries +355-52-220105
Adria Ferries AF Marina Adria Ferries +355-52-220105
Red Star Ferries Red Star I Euro Ferries +355-52-906448
Red Star Ferries European Voyager Euro Ferries +355-52-906448

Entry by road

Getting into the country by land can be difficult from the north, due to the mountainous countryside and lack of roads. Entry from Greece is more popular, and there are buses from Athens, as well as other northerly locations that will take you over the border, often at very low prices. You can access Albania by road and from different borders you can easy travel to South Albania.


– From Kosova, the primary route crosses the border near Qafe Morinё (Albania) and connects Prishtina and Kukës. The other entry points are Morinё (Tropoja with Gjakova) and Qafe Prush (Hasi with Gjakova)


– From Greece through Kapshtica to Korça. Customs operates 24 hours.

– From Greece through Kakavija leading to Gjirokastra. Customs operates 24 hours (From Kakavija you can reach city of Saranda within 1 hour by car)

– From Greece through Qafë Boti (Konispol) leading to Filat. Customs operates until 22.00.

– From Greece through Tre Urat, connecting Përmet with Konica. Customs operates until 22.00.

MONTENEGRO (North Albania)

– From Montenegro through Hani i Hotit, leading to Shkodra and Shkodra Lake. Customs operates until 22.00.

– From Montenegro through Murriqan  Sukobina, connecting Shkodra with Ulqin (Montenegro). Customs operates until 22.00.

– A crossing has recently opened at Vermoshi, which links the region of Kelmendi in Albania with Plava and Gucia (Gusinje) in Montenegro. Customs operates until 22.00.


– From Macedonia through Qafë Thana leading to Pogradec, Librazhd, and Elbasan. Customs operates until 22.00.

– From Macedonia through Tushemisht at the southeastern end of Lake Ohrid, leading to Pogradec. Customs operates until 22.00.

– From Macedonia through Bllata, leading to Peshkopi, Bulqiza, and Burrel. Customs operates until 22.00.

– From Macedonia through Gorica, leading to the northern shores of Lake Prespa. Customs operates until 19.00.

There are regular bus services between the following cities:

Tirana – Tetova (Macedonia),through Qafë Thana.

Tirana – Prishtina and other towns in Kosovo through Morina.

Korça – Thessalonica (Greece) through Kapshtica.

Tirana – Athens through Kakavija.

Tirana – Sofia (Bulgaria) and Istanbul

(Turkey) from Qafë Thana.

Transport Travel Agencies operating in Albania:


Blv. “Zogu I” Nr. 39 – Tirana

Phone: 00355 4/2251866

Buses to Greece.


Blv. “Zog I” Pallati 103, Nr. 2 – Tirana

Phone: 00355 692094906

Buses to Macedonia.


“Murat Toptani” Str. No. 26 – Tirana

Phone: 00355 4/2222228

Fax: 00355 4/2222228

Buses to Athens & Skopje.


“Wilson Square,” – Tirana

Phone: 00355 4/2253929

Fax: 00355 4/2253929

Mobile phone: 00355 68 2070360


“Selman Stërmasi” Stadium

Phone: 00355 4/2273030

Fax: 00355 4/2272992

Buses to Athens


“Mine Peza” Str., Nr. 139 – Tirana

Phone: 00355 4/2234629

Fax: 00355 4/2234629

Buses to Thessalonica.


Blv. “Zogu I”

Phone: 0355 4/2255491/2272644

Fax: 0355 4/2255491/2272643

Buses to Athens & Thessalonica.


”Abdi Toptani” Str. Nr. 4 – Tirana

”Torre Drin” Center

Phone: 0355 4/2259204/2228968

Fax: 0355 4/2270434

Buses to Athens.


Blv. “Zogu I” – Tirana

Phone: 00355 2225063

Fax: 00355 2225063

Mobile phone: 00355 692394929

Buses to Kosovo, Macedonia and



Blv. “Zogu I” – Tirana

Phone: 00355 2253639

Mob: 00355 692847201