Selenice Municipality

Selenice Municipality is bordered with the banks of Vjose River in the north east, range of Shashice-Çike in the west and highlands of Kurvelesh and Himare Municipality in the south. The Selenice city is located in the left bank of Vjose River stream about 34km from Vlore city and raises on the hilly zone, including bitumen mine, the only source of this mineral in Albania. Selenice city is mentioned since the Antiquity as a dwelling named “Nympheum”, with eternal fires, due to source of sera mineral. The bitumen mine is mentioned in several chronicles of the time due to its exploration in the Antiquity. Since I century B.C., Plin underlines that : “… there comes out a real black asphalt, which is some kind of a bitumen….”. Geographer Strabon notes: “…There is fine on a hill with small sources of asphalt….” Today´s name of Selenice is mentioned for the first time from the chronicles of XVI.

The territory of Selenice municipality includes the ancient cities of Olympia and Amantia dating back to the V century B.C. We want to highlight Amantia with a fortified acropolis with a perimeter of 2200m. Here we can find the castles of Matohasanaj, Cerje and Hadëraj, mostly with strategic functions. Regarding cultural assets of this city, we mention the church of St. Thanas, whose frescos have been realized from the great painter David Selenicasi, church of Armen, etc.

The economic management of the municipality is focused on agricultural and animal farming. The presence of archaeological and cultural heritages centers in the territory of the municipality has created the opportunity for development of rural and cultural tourism. Realization of infrastructure project for the road that will cross Shushica valley to Ionian Sea will give a new impulse to economic development of the area.