Finiq Municipality

Finiq Municipality is stretched in a mountainous territory, where are noted the ranges of southern mountainous region, such as Shtugara Mountain and Shendenik Mountain, about 2000m above the sea. Nearby are located the massive forest areas of Dhrovjan, Malina, etc. In

the Dhiver and Cerkovine villages are situated the monasteries of St. Koll declared Monuments of Culture protected by the state. Bistrice River passes almost the entire territory of the municipality. Among the tourist mountainous areas is Dhrovjan, located in a tectonic whole about 400-500 m about the sea level. Regarding the cultural, historical and art assets of the territory of this municipality, visitors can enjoy the Monasteries of Mesopotamia and St Mary in Kostar village, declared Monuments of Culture. We should also highlight the fact that these monasteries have attracted the interest of foreign visitors. The territory of this municipality includes also the Archaeological Park of Phoinike, dating back to V century B.C. The Park is located on a territory of about 50ha on the Phoinike hill and is rich of archaeological monumental values. Under the plane trees of Karahaxh area, near Phoinike, investors are completing a tourist center with sport complexes, luxury bars and restaurants with an excellent service. A special attention is focused on fishing in Ionian Sea blue waters, as well as cultivation of mussels in Buthrotum Lake.