Delvina Municipality

Delvine municipality lies in Southern Albania. It is bordered in the west with Sarande and Himare Municipalities, in the south with the municipality of Livadhja and in the east with the Mali i Gjere range. It is 12 km off Saranda city. Delvine city is considered a developed medieval centre in the trade and handcrafts aspects in the XV-XIX century. Main monuments are Castle of Delvina, Church of Gjin Alex, Rusan, Monastery of Kameno, Monastery of Kostar, Monastery of Kakodhiq, Islamic complex of Delvina, etc. Among the protected areas in the territory of municipality are located the springs of Blue Eye, at 250 m above the sea, declared as a “Monument of Nature” area.

The territory of municipality has an open view of the background toward the Ionian Sea, field of Vurgu, Buthrotum lake, fields of Bushec and Lefka and springs of Oknos of the Blue Eye. The tourist natural activity to be developed is the mountainous, summer and winter tourism. This activity is favourable especially along the Valley of Kalasa River and mountainous area rising in the eastern side of Delvine city. The construction of Kardhiq-Phoinike road would be an impulse for development of the zone.