The traditional cuisine in South Coastal is rich and diversified with similarities but also distinctions between the coastal area and the hinterland as well as among the districts themselves. It reflects the agriculture and livestock produce cultivated in the county’s rural area as well as fishery in the coastal area.

Some traditional specialities are typical for South Coastal Region in both coastal and hinterland areas as it is the grilled lamb or kid (of one year) on a skewer, “arapash”, “kukurec”, “përshesh” with turkey or goose, pie with different ingredients, traditional mix salad of tomato and cucumber with cheese and olives. The use of “kos” (yogurt), strong white cheese of goat/cow/sheep, “gjize” (made by boiling yogurt and dribbling it), strong cheese known as “kackavall”, as well as olives and olive oil is common in every table. Traditional spirits use in the area is raki and wine. Raki is used widely in all the county, while wine has been less in common; mainly used in Narta village and Himara. The main varieties of wine produced locally are Kallmet, Shesh and Vlosh wines.

More specifically the areas are distinguished for the traditional specialities as following:

Vlora’s area traditional specialities

Grilled meat, “arapash”, “kukurec”, “trahana”, pie with leafy wild greens and “gjize” and yogurt,

“pispilit”, fish/eel cooked in a baking pan, salad with boiled leaf greens, mix salad, yogurst, hard

white cheese of goat/cow/sheep, olives and olive oil, “revani”.

Shushica valley’s area traditional specialities

Grilled meat, “arapash”, “kukurec”, “pace” with the meet of veal’s head, “pasterma”, “përshesh”

with turkey or goose, “thërime / rosnica”, pie with different leafy wild greens, “kulac” baked in hot

wooden ash, salad with boiled leafy wild greens, mix salad, yogurt, hard white cheese of

goat/cow/sheep, olives and olive oil, “revani” as sweet.

Ionian coastal area (Bregu e Saranda) traditional specialities

Trout fish cooked in a baking pan, “ksirogjak”, pie with rice and defferent leafy wild greens,

“revani”, as well as mix salad, yogurt, hard white cheese of goat/cow/sheep, olives and olive oil.

The area, being known for the cultivation of garden orchards, uses their fruits as traditional

sweets in form of jams, compotes, marmalades, gliko. The fresh fruits grown in the garden

orchards are known mandarins, oranges, lemons, grape, cherry, nespulla, and figs.

Delvina’s area traditional specialities

Traditional culinary specialties of the area have a big influence from Greek cuisine as well as

the livestock tradition of the hinterland. The most traditional specialities are: the Greek

traditional pie (mainly cooked in villages as Finiq, Mesopotam, Mursi, Ciflik), “musaka”, sufle, pie

with rice, pie with “cep dore”, trout fish cooked in baking pan with spices and vegetables

(characteristic for Finiqi area). Also the area is known for “pace”, grilled lamb / kid on a skewer,

“tas kebap”, “kukurec” (Delvina area is distinguished for its cooking), and yogurt made with sheep milk