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South | “Walk and Swim”

This easy but long walk along the shore will give you the opportunity to see some of the best parts of the Albanian Riviera and swim in its deep blue waters. Accommodation and bars can be found along the hike, but most of them will be closed if you walk in the off season, i.e. before June or after mid September. The hike might start from Dhërmi beach or even further to the north from Palasë beach, the first beach after Llogara Pass. From
Palasë beach, the walk follows the shore, passing boulders and nice small bays. The first big beach after Palasë is Drymades and after passing some more boulders you arrive at Dhërmi beach. Continuing along the shore, at the end of Dhërmi beach, the trail ascends through shrubs, climbing the hill where the monastery of St. Theodor is located. From here, you continue onwards to an unpaved open space, where during the season beachgoers will park their cars, and then take a right onto a dirt road that takes you to Gjipe beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Albanian Riviera. Take the chance to explore the oasis-like canyon that extends inland, with its stream and small waterfalls that carry water in spring and early summer. The walk continues south on a trail that climbs the hill and travels parallel with the shore. Some parts of the trail from Gjipe to Jalë tend to be overgrown, hence it’s recommended to come prepared with long trousers and sleeves. When you hit the asphalt in Jalë,
you can take the stairs that belong to a resort complex down to arrive at the beach. In low season the resort might be closed and you will need to walk around the on asphalt to get to the beach. Continue the walk to the end of the beach and then take the dirt road which starts to gently ascend to about 20 m altitude, and then descends again for about half an hour to a small beautiful bay. Continue on the dirt road and you will arrive at Livadhi beach that already belongs to the town of Himarë. From here it is possible to either take the asphalt road to Himarë or walk to the end of the beach and take the trail uphill that joins a dirt road very soon. The dirt road ascends through olive grows initially north and then east towards the stadium of Himarë. From here, it takes just a few more minutes to reach the town center and esplanade.

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