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South | “Village to village in Shushica Valley”

A more relaxed walking day, that can be further divided up, takes you from Tërbaç to Vranisht and from there to Kallarat. The trail takes you through oak forest, along turquoise waters of the Shushica river and offers nice views towards Mt. Kendrevica further inland. Return to where you entered the village and turn down on the ridge, aiming for the lower neighborhood. Follow the dirt road leaving the village until a trail descends on the left side to a foot bridge, which allows to crossing the stream. Slightly climbing up on a gravel road you enter an apple plantation and soon after take a trailless shortcut through the oak forest. Through orchards and light forest, meeting donkey riders along the way, we approach Vranisht, a village situated at the foot of the highest coastal mountain, Mt. Çika (2044 m).The village offers accommodation should you choose to end your hiking day here, or alternatively makes a good stop for a coffee break and chat with the locals, if you plan on carrying on. We continue along the
main dirt road before turning right, crossing the footbridge and following the trail that takes us through the hills between Vranisht and Kallarat. Yesterday’s St. George’s Pass crossing, as well as the slopes of Mt. Bogonica, are visible from the last pass above our destination. In Kallarat, as in most of the villages in this valley, many monuments dedicated to the partisans’ anti-fascist struggle can be found. Different families of the village are able to host you for an overnight stay, which makes an excellent opportunity for tasting more of the pastoral community’s cuisine, excellent cheese and other milk products. Carrying on with the hike, take a short ascent (20 m) in southern direction. The trail then starts the descent, initially south, before it zigzags southeast. Along the way there is yet another shepherd hut. Continue the zigzag descent after the hut and follow the trail as it turns left (approx 960 m altitude) and climbs for about 40 meters, traversing from the current plain to a next one. The walk goes on to lead down steeply, with good views towards the sea until it reaches the monastery. From the monastery a dirt road leads you to the village of Ilias.

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