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South | “The Partisans’ Trail”

This hike connects villages and shepherd huts between Kuç and Bolenë on a trail that has lost its importance after the road along the valley was built. Both villages have war monuments not only in their centers but along the walking path as well. Take the main road towards Kallarat from the center of Kuç and once you pass the Buronjë neighbourhood of the village, leave the main road by turning right at the two monuments. Cross the
river using the small footbridge and continue along the dirt road that climbs up in between the houses. Take a right at the erosion and leave the next monument to your right. Afterwards, the trail passes a dried up stream leaving another monument on the right and a ruined house on your left. Turn left at the next junction following a path that leads down, crosses the dried up stream and climbs up again for about 60 m, before continuing fairly level. Alternatively, you can chose the upper trail which leads along some shepherds huts, one before crossing the stream and one after the stream. While the upper trail is not very clear, it gives the opportunity to visit the huts and the hospitable shepherds who happily
invite hikers in. After approximately 1.5 km the trail reaches a water source where you should continue on the upper trail, leaving the shepherd huts
to your left. The trail goes on fairly level through woods and some clearing parts that offer very good views towards the valley and the Ceraunian Range. Soon after the trail becomes a dirt road which descends to the village of Bolenë. From the village to the main road in the valley, the road is asphalted.

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