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South | “The Last Beat to the Beach”

Instead of having a transfer organised, walking from Pilur to Himarë is also possible. While the trail is not always visible and easy to walk, the views are open towards the sea all the time and the direction is easy. Along this hike, there is the opportunity to visit an old monastery with beautiful frescos. From the village’s square take the main road to Himarë, then turn off right on a path that leads to the ruined part of Pilur, which is visible from the road. The initially very distinct trail passes a small church after a while, and, as you walk past the ruined houses on your right side, continues for a few more minutes and before it fades away. The direction towards the pond and the shepherd hut is clearly visible, but it’s advisable to take easy curves on your way down on the loose rocks. Long trousers are recommended because of thorny bushes. When you reach the dirt road near the hut, take a left and follow the gentle ascent for approximately one kilometer to reach the monastery, where a nice meadow with great views invites you for a stop. Return on the same dirt road back to the shepherd’s hut and continue going down on this road, all the way until it meets
the “Rruga 1 Maji” road in Himarë, which will lead you to the town center.


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