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South | “Shepherd’s Trail”

This is one of the shortest walks that make it possible to reach the villages of the Labëria highlands from the villages of the Riviera. The path connects all the way to Kudhës and travels along many shepherd huts en route. After a while the ridge levels out on a clearing with panoramic views of Kuç, Mt. Cepini and the Ceraunian Range. From the village’s newly restored square with the big plane tree, continue on the upper road for about 600 m until the asphalt cement ends and the road splits in three directions. Choose the road in the middle, and continue straight on a well-trodden path ascending very gently. Afterwards the path continues fairly level. There are alternating clear segments with views and covered parts. Plenty of water sources can be found along the trail, and the first one of them, close to a big tree, makes for a good stopping point for a picnic. The trail continues clearly visible and passes several shepherd’s huts before it takes you by some ruins of an old village. Afterwards, it leads down to the river on a partly rocky and muddy donkey path that descends steeply. Once you reach the river bed, you can either follow it to reach the road that leads
to Kuç or cross the river to take the path that ascends closer to the village’s center. There are some bars along the way from Kuç’s Buronja neighbourhood to the village square, where you can have a drink and chat with the villagers.

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