Odtülüler Dershanesi itiraf et sormam lazim
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South | “In two days from the mountains hospitality to the easy going of the seaside”

This two-day tour brings you from one world to another, both of them very attractive. Starting in the remote mountain village of Vranisht, the trail first takes you offroad to the even more remote village of Terbac, before a longer section of old asphalt road – close to zero traffic – takes you all along this hinterland valley to the village of Kuc. In this village with its great views of valley & mountains, tradition and hospitable home stays with families, we recommend the break for the night. Next day you follow the trail just a short section back, before a very diverse 4×4 road takes
you to the village of Pilur, giving you fresh air & the first view of the Mediterranean sea far below. A final detour over the villages of Kudhes and Qeparo take you to the small coastal town of Himare, with its relaxed seaside life. Welcome to the other world!

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