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South | “From the Highlands to the Beach“

This long and challenging walk traverses the Coastal Mountains and takes us to the Ionian Sea, offering the best views of the coast and the highlands. Alternatively, you can choose to take a taxi transfer to the village of Kuç and walk from there to Kudhës for reaching the coast on an easier trail or you can ask your guide to follow another trail that stays fairly level after passing the burned down part of Kallarat. From the partisan monument the path first climbs to the ruined old village. Burned down by Greek troops on the brink of World War I, it is an eerie site with panoramic views. A long ascent, partly in the shade, takes us to a series of flat meadows hidden on a plateau. Two groups of shepherds reside here for half the year. Our effort is rewarded when reaching the highest point at 1400 m above the sea. A place dubbed the Balcony of the Riviera offers
a panoramic view from the Greek border and the island of Corfu over most of the Riviera to the coastal town of Himarë. The ridge walk that follows grants views to the often snow-covered Nemërçka range (2482 m) further inland, several highland villages, the rugged Ceraunian Range and the diverse coastline. The trail finally descends to Pilur, a village where you can overnight with one of the local families and enjoy the views of the sea
from above. If you prefer, you can ask the locals at the bar near the village’s main square to organize a taxi for taking you to one of the beaches along the coast, or to the center of Himarë.

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