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South | “Across the Mountain on Shepherd’s Trails”

This trail takes you from the highlands to the coast by crossing the ridge of Mt. Çika. It follows the route of the shepherds from Vranisht, who take their herds up in the mountains to a summer pasture called Valja e Bufit (1500 m) for several months, as soon as it’s clear of snow. The route then descends towards the coast with great views following another shepherds’ path. This is the longest way to cross from the highlands to the coast with a long steep descent of 1200 m. Starting from the center of the village, cross the bridge and follow the route up with the stream on your left. After about 500 m the trail crosses the dried up stream and follows the ascent with the river bed below, on your right. After a while the trail ascends steeply on the riverbed, passes a water source and continues until the rocky riverbed reaches the high meadows where the first shepherd hut appears. Keep climbing up on the steep meadow and you eventually arrive at a large flat meadow, Valja e Bufit, where a couple of shepherd huts are located. The shepherds reside here from May until November. Don’t hesitate to take the opportunity to make contact with them, they are very friendly and happy to make a coffee for visitors. While you might expect a water source here, the closest one is about an hour away, in the direction of Valja e Bogonicës.

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